What is the Importance of Backlinks in SEO?

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SEO is the Yin to the Yang of Backlinks. They go together! It is for this very reason that every conversation had about SEO includes Backlinks to some extent or more. It’s ancient news that it’s near impossible to rank without backlinks. In our blog, you will receive precisely 4 reasons on the importance of backlinks. You don’t need to waste hours of your day to understand it; we will just need a few of your minutes, so let’s get started!
  • Google finds New Pages with the help of backlinks:

The foremost answer as to why backlinks are important is this: They’re how the Google Spiders find new pages. See it this way, if you were in a completely new city, it would take you a while to discover places without a map. Backlinks are this map to Google, helping them to locate, crawl and index pages. Backlinks give you an incredible chance of being located resulting in faster indexing, and higher rankings through SEO in a short-period.
Who isn’t fond of faster rankings right?! With high quality and relevant backlinks, you can expedite the SERP’s in the proper way.
  • They Manage Reputation

The main aim and importance of backlinks is to point users to the site that answers their query the best, so it’s obvious that Google won’t send users in the direction of a site that’s talking to everything else except the user.
Infact, it points to the most popular website which means that it is trusted by majority of people and hence has a good reputation.
  • They Boost Creditability/Eminence

Coming back to the point mentioned above in regards to how Google wants to show the results with the highest quality and relevancy for the user’s query. Here is us deciphering the
Let’s take an example:
A business is in the beauty industry has a backlink profile with links from style and fashion blogs, you’d think they are more credible yes, as opposed to the same business having backlinks that are completely unrelated like cars or finance.
Google would think……Is this website really authentic evidence for the industry it’s claiming to be of? That’s what can cost it essential and important rankings!
It’s very crucial to note that Google uses the backlinks to determine the online reputation of a business’s website so taking any backlinks you can get your hands on won’t do you any good, and moreover could have a drastically negative effect like getting you penalized by Google making you truly get a clearer picture when it comes to the importance of backlinks that are relevant.
  • They Drive Traffic to Your Website

For Google to show a website on top of the search results, the site must have lots of traffic and offer value to the user. Whether it’s from a social media post, guest posts, business directories, any individual that clicks on the backlink and visits your website helps to increase the referral traffic. Here’s a knowledge-sharing tip from our SEO experts at 7 Seas Solutions- Whenever you’re building your own backlink strategy, make sure to aim for backlinks that have a domain authority of 40+ and are the relevant to your website- this way you will have a greater chance of increasing traffic to your website.
  • Conclusion:

We hope we have been able to shed light on the importance of backlinks in SEO and how they are the mother lode in ranking factors and why they also have a major impact on the existence of your organic search results. So the next time you want a major rise in rankings, don’t forget to count backlinks in and we would love to know if our blog helped you. You can rate us on our twitter account!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are backlinks in SEO

A backlink is a link that points from one website domain to the other. The website that receives the link is called an “inbound link” and the website by which the link is sent is called the “outbound link”.

2. What are the benefits of backlinks in SEO?

Backlinks can help get some great benefits to SEO such as acquiring referral traffic, improving search rankings and making it easier for search engine bots to find the links on the website.

3. What are quality backlinks?

High-quality backlinks are links that come from a high authority website and are relevant to the niche of your business.

4. How to get high-quality backlinks?

High-quality backlinks are crucial to boost website traffic and increase conversions. The best ways to get them are Guest Posts, Blog comments and local citations.

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