Role of Graphic Designing in the Digital Marketing Industry
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Role of Graphic Designing in the Digital Marketing Industry


As rightly said ‘A single picture is worth a thousand words’, that proverb might have become a cliché. In reality, this is so true, and perhaps, is the best example to explain the importance of graphic design in today’s fast-paced world.

Creativity helps us to think more efficiently and graphic designers are possibly the ones who can read our minds.
Graphic design is the most powerful art today, has guided digital marketing to the next level. In this competitive era of digital marketing, every company endeavours for a step forward than its competitors.

With involving very simple and innovative design basics, this tool can add extra wings to a company’s business profile. It works as eye candy for the readers, who usually surf through several pages to gather information. Indeed, an innovative marketing strategy powered by an attractive graphic design can help in surviving the struggle for business.

One can find the benefits of graphic designing in every field that includes-marketing, print media, cinema, digital platform, etc.

What is Graphic Design?

The term ‘graphics’ is derived from the word ‘graph’, which means a visual or pictorial representation that must be accurate and proper by calculation.

Thus, graphic designing is a symbiosis of artistic and professional disciplines that helps in developing marketing strategies or in conveying a specific message or some information to a target group of people through various modes such as, picture, shape, image, line, visuals, video, etc.

In other words, graphic design is also known as ‘Visual Communication’ or ‘Communication Design’. The entire process of graphic designing has three major components; a graphic designer, a client and the viewer or consumer.

The designer applies his/her creative and topographic skills, images, words, visual arts to customize a creative product for the client. The client showcase this design for the sake of promoting his/her business or to communicate with consumers.

Various Tools for an Effective Graphic Design

A graphic designer uses various software or computer programs for crafting a design. Some of the examples are

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • CorelDraw
  • Adobe InDesign
  • QuarkXPress

The Reach of Graphic Design

Imagine Bollywood or Hollywood blockbusters like ‘Bahubali’ or the ‘Avengers’ series without its graphic design or VFX effects. The utility of graphic designs is so sublime that it makes the most unimaginable or unrealistic scenes ‘SO REAL’, that we fall in love with these movies.

The field and its application of graphic design are very vast. You name any industry like print, web or broadcasting, graphic designing is an integral part of it.

One can find the importance of graphic design in everything you need such as, logo designing, packaging, illustration, editorial, website layout, programming, animation, and film, etc.

Importance of Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

Here are some undeniable reasons that will show you the purpose of graphic design

Design Speaks Better than Words

If I take the name of any brand of consumer products like mobile, laptop, shoes, apparel, etc. as a consumer what do you see first? The ‘LOGO’! You really don’t go through a mission or vision statement, not even a tagline.

So, when it comes to the spreading or branding of one’s business, the design comes first and then comes the words. A catchy design conveys any message much more loudly, clearly and efficiently to the consumers than words.

Helps in Creating a Strong Impression

The evergreen saying ‘The First Impression is the Best Impression’, reflects, that a visual illustration leaves a great impact on a person’s mind. As per stats, a visual illustration receives 94 percent more attention than any usual content. An impressive graphic, therefore, helps to attract more traffic in the first instances and also keep them sign in.

Helps in Maintaining Trust

We are living in an era of ‘information for everyone’. In this fast-paced period of ‘online-first’, even small information is available over the internet. Thus on average, consumers have a short attention span of 8 seconds to judge your business while surfing through the ocean of information.

A poor design will fail to communicate your brand’s message effectively and a clear stellar visual accompanied by a brief statement can gain more attention. Thus you should use every opportunity by using great graphic design to develop your brand, consumer’s trust and confidence in your business.

Graphic Design can Boost your Sales

Yes, it can! A great design will help to enhance sales as it will attract more customers. Also, a catchy and unique design will be remembered by more consumers and will be chosen and referred to by maximum users.

Importance of Graphic Design in Social Media

The benefits of graphic designing can also be witnessed on social media. Thanks to the easy availability of super-fast internet and fast growth of social media, one can broadcast its message to global customers very effectively and in no time by using various social web platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.

If the info-graphic used by the client is effective enough to grab the attention of prospective customers, in a jiffy it can get millions of likes, shares or followers and ultimately may become ‘viral’.

Graphic Design in Website Development

A lucrative and interactive graphic design can boost your website traffic as it helps in increasing the visual appeal, professionalism, brand value, and applications.

A Good Design can Narrate a Story

A creative graphic design and info-graphics can improve the SEO or blog quality, as the visual appeal can promotes the communication of ideas to your viewers by enhancing the aesthetic values and by increasing the emotional attachments with the readers.

A unique graphic design or digital art makes the SEO content standout easily in its school, and makes it out of the box, which is essential for the SEO contents.

Some Stats about Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

  • Infographics liked and shared on social media thrice more than any other information.
  • Global mobile ad spending may touch $247.4 billion by 2020.
  • A video is shared by 1200% more than the combination of links and text.
  • Better content with attractive graphics can increase blog traffic by up to 2000%.


A quality design serves as the pivotal support of your business. You should make use of the graphic design in the best possible way to promote your brand and your business objectives. A graphic designer uses various arts and technology to make the visual that can communicate your message to your customers very efficiently and artistically.

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