SEO or PPC - Find out what’s right for your business
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SEO or PPC – What is right for your business?


Before we get into further details, let us understand what the terms mean.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and what it does is enhancing the quality and quantity of website traffic. It does this through several methods; one of them is increasing the visibility of the web page to its users.

PPC stands for Pay-per-click, which is a mechanism that allows advertisers to pay a fee each time their ad is clicked online. It is usually adopted by high-tech firms operating in the market today.

SEO and PPC – The Basic Idea That is Used to Make Them Work

Search Engine Optimization works in a way to optimise the results by the search keywords. It is because of the SEO someone finds the desired link to the webpage.

SEO uses an algorithm that gives out several results to the search keywords. On the first page are the links that the user will most likely visit.

Let’s look at an example. Suppose we look up a recipe for some dish on Google (which is 90% the preference of users). Now the search engine will give out several links to the typed input, all of them being related to the query. It is fed through data from various sources and creates a database from which the user gets the desired information.

The basic idea of Pay-per-click is given away by its name itself. With every click, the advertiser has to pay a certain amount of money to the search engine.

Google also has a trick up its sleeve. While the amount paid for a company’s ads posted on Google being already trivial, it charges even less if the users find those ads useful.

SEO VS PPC ̶ Organic Traffic or Paid Advertising?

The traffic that is generated by SEO is free while the traffic generated by PPC is not as it is evident by its name that for every click by the visitor, the advertiser has to pay a trivial amount of money.

PPC has the edge over SEO in terms of priority given to their order of appearance as PPC ads are found to be on the top of the results while organic at the bottom. Just pay a little more,and your ads are at the top.

Search engines are wary of the quality and the content provided by the ads to ensure that they deserve the top spot.

While SEO goes through very complicated and technical processes, it is unpredictable also.

On the contrary, PPC offers the same piece of data but on a price on every click, which makes it very easy to predict whether it has had a good response or not.

The mixture of both using SEO and PPC at the same time has proved to be a great success. Merging them together is believed to be a master formula to securing a good traffic on the webpage.

In the Long-Run

Studies have shown that it is better to start with Pay-per-click (PPC) formula for getting a hint of the users’ likes and dislikes. Whereas, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more preferred in the long-run.

Other Differences

  • SEO takes an awful lot of time to track its progress while PPC is very quick in telling how many people have paid a visit to its webpage.
  • SEO is very unpredictable, whereas PPC is not.
  • PPC can be expensive at times, but it turns out to be effective. SEO is free of cost to be implemented, but its effectiveness can vary.
  • PPC laser targets the prospective users while SEO may not be very good at that matter.
  • Search engines have the PPC ads on the top of their searches while SEO searches get the bottom spot.

Their Working

While people may make use of both SEO and PPC daily, they might not be aware of what goes behind the curtains. What does it take for it to be eye-catchy and satiating at the same time?

    • What SEO does is it looks up various searches, filters them according to the keywords entered and displays what would be most suitable for the user. It uses mathematical algorithms that feed through the keywords and goes through a lot of data and presents the best results.
  • Several search engines largely adopt SEO; Google being its top contender.
  • PPC invites a lot of traffic to its website in which advertiser pays a considerably small amount of money for each visit made by the users.
  • There is not much mathematical calculation required for estimating cost-per-click. It is calculated by dividing the advertising cost by several ads clicked.
  • When both used simultaneously, they can turn out to be the success recipe for the company.


Here arises a question.

Which visitor among the two kinds of traffic is most likely to convert, i.e., who will make a purchase or become a member?

PPC uses highly optimised keywords that generate more conversions than SEO.

The reason being that when PPC campaigns are used on wide space available online – social media platforms ̶ the user might not know that he/she is being targeted. The ad leads to conversion the moment the user sets eye on it and gets attracted by it. On the contrary, SEO comes into play only when the visitor looks up for the respective query.


It is only when these two are clubbed that the chances of more traffic are high. Otherwise, it is very difficult to predict the ongoing trends in the search pattern among the visitors. It may take months or even years to master the uses of both of them and an awful amount of time. In experience in use may prove to be fatal.

So the apt knowledge of both of them is necessary for successful implementation.

Both of them have traffic potential, but the costs vary according to several factors. An expert can be approached for a head start in the online world of advertising.

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