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10 Reasons Why Outsourcing Software Development Works


There are two essential things all start-ups need – a faster way of doing things and focus. By achieving both these it can get out the product in the market swiftly and ensure that all the business activities are done with efficiency and precision to avoid wasting precious time and money. One way to guarantee this happens is outsourcing software development, wherein businesses can ensure that they can lower their time to market. The product meanwhile remains in the hands of experts, and you get to take your business where it needs to be, by driving your attention to where it matters most.

Today, in this blog we give you 10 reasons why outsourcing software development works:

Low cost

Let’s not beat around the bush and be transparent here, the number one reason businesses prefer outsourcing software development projects is to cut back on costs, although it’s not the only reason. But for start-up companies that money-saving attribute could make a world of a difference.

The overhead costs remain relatively low while still letting you work towards carrying out the implementation of that successful product.

Knowledgeable Professionals

Long gone are the days when vendors used to promise a highly dedicated team, and then reassign individuals with progress nowhere to be seen. Now times are different.

Today’s outsourcing software development companies have a fully professional team. They’re just like your business partners that want to watch you succeed every step of the way which is why you need to have a vendor that understands and respects exactly what you’re looking for.

Why settle for less?

Keep in mind that the reason you want to outsource is because you want to complete your project faster with a cheaper cost than one you’d have to spend on for an in-house team.

Knowledgeable Professionals

Organized & Managed Team

With an in-house team you need a manager; outsourced teams, on the other hand, do this work independently.

Yes, of course, you still require someone in-house to guide the project but for daily tasks outsourced teams have their own managers. This is one of the many reasons you need a trustworthy vendor that provides you any progress stats and keeps you up-to-date with the execution. This makes it 10x easier for you to focus on the overall direction your business is heading in.

Lesser Maintenance and Support Time

Software isn’t a one-time thing. It needs constant maintenance and support including the software that is outsourced. The development team needs to be on board to fix any bugs or add additional features if needed. Who better to do this then the team that made the product in the first place? While the outsourced software development team focus on these tasks, you can be working on customer feedback and requests. Doesn’t it sound like a win-win situation?!

Using Your Time Wisely

The software industry moves at a lightning pace. he sooner you get your product out in the market, the better.

You might have a strong urge to do the project; after all, it is your project. But trust us; the adrenaline rush soon comes to a decline when you are in a race against time. Every minute matters, and the more you use it wisely, the more beneficial.

Imagine all the time you can use up for building your business and marketing your product by outsourcing software development projects, giving you a huge head-start over your competitors that you don’t want to miss out on!

Global Hiring

Although hiring an in-house person has its perks, it also has its own set of challenges. Local-based developers may be very few, too expensive or just plain under-skilled. As a start-up, you might not have the necessary resources or the money to hire a full-time employee and worse if you happen to hire one and they leave, it can be extremely detrimental to your project.

With the internet now you have access to a huge talent pool, where you could hire from all over the world, whether it’s India, US, UK, etc. You also have the option of choosing the team that best matches your requirements, budget, and culture. You also require an outsourced team that understands what you need thoroughly. The better they understand you, the smoother your project will go.

Get your hands on the latest technology

Outsourcing companies possess cutting-edge technology. They have the know-how of the in-trend languages, frameworks and development equipments. A lot of organizations make the mistake of purchasing unnecessary softwares and tools. Software development companies already have all the tools; resources and skills needed to complete a project to perfection as well as can recommend the best ones for your project. Hence, a smart thing to do would be to save up overhead, costs and time as a start-up by outsourcing software development.

No Cost of Relocating

Business incubators for start-up are great, but they come with their fair- share of cost. Let us explain, you either have to relocate or give up some form of equity, both of which can be harmful when you’re still working on building your business.

By outsourcing software development projects, you attain the benefit of no relocation and less cost. Your team can still review the business and offer any support required even though you don’t have an in-house team.

Get quality products

They can give you the most profitable recommendations specific to your needs leading to cost savings, efficiency, strong security and better usability. At 7 Seas, we gladly book a 30-minute meeting with any company that approaches us to understand their needs with no strings attached.

Procure Speed and Adaptability

Ultimately, it’s all about speed and adaptability when it comes to outsourcing software development projects. As mentioned previously, it’s about getting your product in the market as soon as possible and being able to adapt to changing scenarios.

We understand that every start-up has its own set of needs, and not one size fits all. For example, you might want an outsourcing team for a shorter term, i.e. just till project completion or for more of a longer-term such as a dedicated team that stays with you throughout projects. You can choose the ideal one based on your needs.


Outsourcing is a rapidly expanding industry and no two start-ups are the same. And as with any service you decide to take up, you need to get the best deal out of it. To succeed as a business or start-up, you need a dedicated and passionate team that fully understands your objectives and wants to watch you succeed.

And remember- Don’t give your software development projects to an outsourcing company that only meets you halfway!

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